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Grade 6 Spring Writing
Here are some of the things you can do to help your child learn…
  1. Write Letters
    Write Letters
    Make letter writing a habit for your child. Encourage him/her to write thank you cards, fill out invitations, send get well cards or send postcards.
  2. Keep a Journal
    Keep a Journal
    Keep an ongoing journal of family activities (especially when on vacation). Take turns with your child and write about what you did together that day.
  3. Make a Menu
    Make a Menu
    Make a menu with your child. Encourage him/her to plan out in writing dinner and dessert for the week. Have them Google a recipe for their favorite take out dish.
  4. Follow Your Child's Lead
    Follow Your Child's Lead
    Follow your child’s lead, if they want to discuss a topic in more depth, go with it. Go online to help your child find articles, magazines or books on topics that interest them. Order a subscription to your child’s favorite magazine.
  5. Use Song Lyrics
    Use Song Lyrics
    Have your child copy the lyrics of their favorite songs. Ask them to write their own lyrics.
  6. Review
    Conduct regular reviews. After watching a movie, playing a new game (even a video game) or trying a new recipe, ask your child to write a review. In the review they should give specific things they liked or didn’t like. This can be done verbally to promote speaking and listening skills as well.
  7. Take Turns Writing
    Take Turns Writing
    Write stories with your child. Take turns writing different parts or adding to each other’s stories.
  8. Be a Role Model
    Be a Role Model
    Be a writing model. Leave notes for your child around the house. Encourage them to write back.
  9. Ask to See Writing
    Ask to See Writing
    Ask your child to see his/her writing from school. Ask them to read it to you. Ask them what they are most proud of and where they think they could do better. Give them areas where you were especially proud or impressed by what they wrote.
  10. Focus on Content
    Focus on Content
    Focus on the content (story or main point) instead of the mechanics (grammar, spelling, etc.).
Write at Home
Connect with School Staff
Use Resources
Connect with the School
Reach out to your child’s teacher - You are an important part of your child’s education.

Ask the teacher questions like:
  • Where is my child excelling? How can I support this success?
  • What do you think is giving my child the most trouble? How can I help my child improve in this area?
  • What can I do to help my child with upcoming work?

Remember to:
  • Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Check your child’s agenda nightly.
  • Email or call the teacher when you have questions or concerns.

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